Max, it is a real pleasure to work with you. You’re very professional and the inspection report is easy to read and understand. My buyers really appreciated all the time you spent with them and the care you gave. The best part was that you were able to do the septic inspection that we needed. We were afraid that we would have to go find anther person to handle that. All went well.

Hope to see you soon on my next sale.

Maria Montoya

Max is very thorough with his inspections and the report is very detailed. He is very people oriented and is always ready to answer any questions the buyer or agent have. It is clear that Max has a lot of experience in the real estate business. His price and service is the best I have experienced. I highly recommend Max to anyone who is looking for a trusted and reliable home inspector.
Hope to see you soon on my next sale.
Tron Pham

I highly recommend Max Shirley as your preferred home inspector. He is knowledgeable in identifying and making recommendations regarding a home performance. He shares the same goal as buyers have in making the best financial decision regarding their housing needs. He loves educating the buyer on maintenancing and maintaining their after they move in. He is never to busy to answer questions and provide helpful resources. Max is a great trusted adviser in home inspections.
Hope to see you soon on my next sale.
Cathy McDaniel

I just want to say, this was an easy process dealing with your company, you were professional in the way you handled my inspection and I will continue to do business with you.


Reginald Cobb

Max Shirley offers the ideal combination of tact and thoroughness that every home inspector needs! He gives a fantastic inspection report and will go into great detail to explain any problems or issues to a homebuyer. At the same time, Max is not an alarmist (unless it is truly called for). He just calls it like he sees it which is all anyone can ask of a home inspector.

Max has excellent people skills. He is flexible and very hard working. I am proud to say that Max has been great for clients of mine! Thank you, Max!Hope to see you soon on my next sale.

Mike Beernink